Alt=” Range of lighting in Irish gardens by Golden Grove Landscapes in Dublin showing a lit outdoor dining area, a lit driveway, a lit stone wall and a lit flowerbed”

Garden Lighting with Golden Grove Landscapes

Why we love garden lighting at Golden Grove Landscapes…

What can you include in your garden design that deters intruders, makes paths safe to walk on without tripping, extends and enlarges your home and stretches the time that you can spend in your garden into evening?

Lighting - an incredibly versatile element to include in any garden design. For many of us working long hours, lighting allows us to appreciate the beauty of our garden at night time.

Clients that decide to leave lighting out of the initial stages of design and instead focus on other elements such as construction and planting often regret this decision.

Not planning for lighting from the outset is a timely and costly mistake; you may discover too late that the perfect light you absolutely need requires digging up a new planting scheme or paved area.

From creating a cosy outside dining area to highlighting those granite steps, from romantic, bohemian styles to architectural modern and contemporary lights; there are simply endless options with a price to fit many budgets.

Here at Golden Grove, we love when customers ask us to incorporate lighting into their garden design! We have seen first-hand how it can elevate an ordinary garden to an extraordinary one.

We source lighting directly from a network of trusted suppliers globally ensuring the price you pay is a fair one and the options available to you are endless.

Lighting is truly one of the most effective ways to elevate your garden to the next level.

Try not to leave it as an afterthought…


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