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Golden Grove Landscapes offers professional garden design services to suit all outdoor spaces large and small.

Working closely with clients, we offer landscape design consultations to understand exactly what you want from your outdoor space and how to achieve this. By working one on one with customers during landscaping consultations, we create individual plans on how to best achieve the garden design of your dreams, offering top-quality landscaping services that focus on beauty and functionality.

Our Garden Design Service Consists Of:

1. Site Survey & Landscaping Consultation

The primary site visit enables us to assess the opportunities and challenges of the landscaping site as well as all the potential it has to offer. Here we will look at a number of things including the aspect, soil type, surrounding structures, trees, and more. We will take detailed measurements along with some photos.

We then gather a brief from you the client to figure out the type of outdoor space you would like. This enables us to implement these guidelines when drawing up a design. These include things like garden function; and other preferences like the style of garden, colour preferences and so on, followed by an approximate budget allowable. Once all this information is gathered, we go to the drawing board.

2. Garden Design & Mood Board

Following a garden design consultation, a detailed concept plan is drafted outlining both hard and soft landscaping elements. This may take many forms depending on the size of the garden but is usually a 2D scaled drawing with plant planning and design directions. Our garden design drawings are also accompanied by a mood board containing images of the various materials, plants, features, and finishes to give you the client an idea of how the garden will look and feel when finished. A full budget will follow, detailing the cost of all associated materials and labour required for the project to be carried out by the team here at Golden Grove Landscapes.

3. Masterplan & Contract

After the concept plan has been reviewed by the client, our team will then create a master plan, which will be drawn up including any necessary changes and a detailed planting plan if required. From here, a date can be set for the commencement of construction once the contract has been signed and the initial deposit has been paid. Following this, Golden Grove Landscapes will begin work on your garden and create the ideal outdoor space for your property.

We provide high-quality, professional Garden Design services across Dublin

Working one on one with clients to create gardens that are beautiful and functional

3D Landscaping Plans

Golden Grove Landscapes offers 3D rendered drawings to landscaping construction customers at an extra cost, so that you can envision exactly how your landscaping project will look once completed. In these 3D plans, all aspects of your landscaping and garden design project will be shown, with everything from paving placements to plant arrangements represented accurately.

Planting Plans

For customers who want to know exactly what their garden will look like before completion of your garden design project, Golden Grove Landscapes offers detailed planting plans. These plans are drawn up showing the type of plant, measurements, and other specifications that are to be placed in your new garden. These planting plans are a way of accurately depicting the finished landscaping design project without having to make changes to the physical project.

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